Stone Inscription of Thaingathu's Daughter

Stone Inscription of Thaingathu's Daughter

Country  Myanmar
Repository  The stones are located in the compound of Ar-Ma-Na Monastery near the Min Nan Thu village in Bagan
Section  Other Documentary Heritage that Contributes to Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment
Gender Dimension  Stories from women's perspective
GEM  GEM 1– Gender Sensitive
Description  The inscriptions on the stones are about an unnamed woman who lived around the year 628 Myanmar Era (AD 1266) and portrays herself through the status of her father and her husband. She was the wife of a King and a daughter of Counselor Thaingathu of the Royal Palace in Bagan.

There are two stones with inscriptions about Thaingathu’s daughter: a 2-sided stone and a 4-sided stone. The 2-sided stone inscription has information about her donation of farmland, gardens and slaves to serve Buddhist monks. The inscription also describes Buddhist beliefs as practiced in Bagan at the time and gives a glimpse of the life and attitudes of an upper-class women.

The unnamed woman wished to attain Nirvana for her good deeds. She shared her merits from the donation with the King and his other wives and consorts. She wished them all to love each other and for all future Kings, princes and living beings to love each other. She wished to be reborn as a person who is knowledgeable, faithful, kind-hearted, and charitable. She also expressed the kind of person she didn’t want to be in the next life. For example, she didn’t want to be stupid, unfaithful or jealous.

The inscription describes a humble woman who did not highlight the status of her position or curse those who in the future might harm or destroy her donations. The detailed list of these donations is also on the 4-sided stone inscription.
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- Photo credit: © Myo Swe Than