Astrid Lindgren Archives

Astrid Lindgren Archives

Country  Sweden
Repository  The Royal Library, Box 5039, SE-102 41 Stockholm, Sweden
Section  Inscriptions on International Register
Gender Dimension  Achievements of women in history; Stories from women's perspective
GEM  GEM 2 – Gender Responsive
Description  Astrid Lindgren (1907-2002) is one of the best known authors of children’s books in the twentieth century. The archives, compiled by Astrid Lindgren herself, include nearly all her original manuscripts including some early unpublished ones, shorthand drafts, press clippings and an extensive collection of international correspondence.

Her books have been translated into more than 85 languages. Most are regarded as classics and have brought encouragement and solace but also laughter and imaginative inspiration to generations of children all over the world. Her literary characters have provided role models for children everywhere. For example, one of her characters, Pippi Longstocking, demonstrates girl power and her boy protagonists are not male stereotypes.

Astrid Lindgren was also a courageous and ardent advocate for children’s rights. As such her influence went far beyond the educational and cultural spheres of children’s literature. She raised her voice for all those without power or influence including children, refugees and animals. She spoke out against violence, environmental pollution and inhumanity of all kinds.

Many of her contributions to public debate still echo on the front pages of newspapers all over the world and she has influenced the attitude towards children and children’s rights in many countries. This is demonstrated in her collection of letters and press clippings which give a unique insight into her public and private life during the second half of the twentieth century.

The documentary heritage was inscribed onto the Memory of the World international register in 2005.
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